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Expression of Interests (EOIs)
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Dated EOI No. Brief Description
20.03.2023 EOI No.01/2023/CFO Expression of Interest (EOI) to provide software for recording of transactions voltage wise and category wise of Fixed assests.
05.03.2019 EOI No.01/2018-19/Civil Design Expression of Interest (EOI) for Supply of PPC Cement
Corrigendum No.1
28.12.2018 EOI No.03/Comm(D) Expression of Interest (EOI) for Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Optical Fibres along with its Terminal Equipment of OPGW on 132kV/220kV/400kV Transmission Lines of PSTCL System & Subsequent Leasing of its spare Optical Fibres.
23.01.2017 EOI No.02/Comm(D) Expression of Interest (EOI) for Leasing of spare dark Fibres of OPGW installed in PSTCL system.
Corrigendum No.1
Corrigendum No.2
Corrigendum No.3
Corrigendum No.4
Corrigendum No.5
Corrigendum No.6
15.02.2016 EOI No.01/Comm(D) Expression of Interest (EOI) for Leasing of Microwave towers installed under ULDC-NR system.
Corrigendum No.1
27.02.2015 EOI No.- 122/SLDC Expression of Interest (EOI) for Hiring Consultancy-cum-Training Services for development of Disaster Management Plan for Power Utilities in Punjab.
Extension in Period.
19.11.2014 EOI EOI for rendering consultancy services in assessing the current status of PSTCL- both STU & SLDC.
RFP for Appointment of Consulting/ Professional Firms- National Competitive Bidding (NCB).
Corrigendum -1
12.11.2014 EOI EOI for Time/Security Management Solution.
09.09.2014 Memo No. 1545 EOI for Enlistment of Architectural Consultants/Firms for PSTCL.
117/SLDC/2020 Invitation of Expression of Interest for implementing Expert Message Management System in PSTCL.
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