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04/2023-24Out Source one no Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin or Equivalent for the use of Maintenance Gang of P&M in the office of Sr.Xen. P&M, Division, PSTCL, Dasuya.
Corrigendum No-1

Corrigendum No 02

Corrigendum No-03
11-03-202411:00 AM11-03-202429-02-2024
54/2023-24Const. of replacement of Damaged 100/160mva T/F and allied technical civil works at sub-station under civil works sub-division, Ludhiana as emergent case during model code of conduct.06-03-202412:00PM04-03-202428-02-2024
02/scada/2024Purchase of Enterprise AntiVirus Software solution for PC laptops of Punjab SLDC at Patiala, 400 KV Stn Rajpura and 220 KV Stn Mohali1 with subscription for 3 years11-03-202411.30 am11-03-202428-02-2024
50,51/2023-24Construction of 1no. addl. 100mva 220kv/66kv plinth and allied civil works at 220kv s/s IKolaha and construction of extension of 11kv control room and allied civil works at 220kv s/s Lalton Kalan.
Corrigendum-1 for const. of extension of 11kv control room & allied civil works at 220kv s/s Lalton Kalan.
TE No. 15/TLSC/P/2023-24To carry out Preliminary, Detailed survey and preparation of Route plan for shifting of transmission lines due to Double Bus-Bar arrangement at 220 kV S/s Bajakhana.
Corrigendum No. 1
14-03-202411:00 AM13-03-202427-02-2024
03/2022-23Refilling and repair of Fire Extinguishers at 400 kV S/S, PSTCL, Behman Jassa Singh.
TE-153/2023-24Procurement & Commissioning of GPS Based Time Synchronization Equipments for 33 Nos 220/132 kV Sub-stations under P&M Organization of PSTCL


13/Grid Moga/2023-24Erection of 2nd DC Batterie at 220 kV Substation Ferozpur road Ludhiana14-03-202403:30 PM14-03-202427-02-2024
12/Grid Moga/2023-24Erection of 2nd DC Batterie at 132 kV Substation Samadh Bhai12-03-202403:30 PM12-03-202426-02-2024
Limited T.E.No. 01/GRIDPTA/2023-24Regarding labour charges for providing earthing pits/ bores and its allied work at 220KV S/S Bhari and Banur.11-03-202402-30PM11-03-202426-02-2024
E-Tender Enquiry No. 08/2023-24Short term Open E-tender for Erection of towers, structures, beams and busbars at various 220/132KV sub-stations under Grid Const. Division, PSTCL, Patiala.11-03-202402-00PM09-03-202426-02-2024
50/2023-24Civil Works for extension of visitor room of Worthy CE/TS, PSTCL, Patiala at Shakti Sadan Building, PSTCL, Patiala.06-03-202411.30 AM06-03-202426-02-2024
49/2023-24Work of Jungle clearance for carrying out Joint levelling for fixing of grade level at 220 KV S/S Bhadson. (Up gradation from 66 KV S/S to 220 KV S/S level)06-03-202411.30 AM06-03-202426-02-2024
48/2023-24Construction of TCW for Augmentation of 1 No. 100MVA T/F with 1 No. 160 MVA T/F & allied civil works at 220 KV S/S Rajpura.06-03-202411.30 AM06-03-202426-02-2024
47/2023-24Construction of TCW for Augmentation of 1 No. 100MVA T/F with 1 No. 160 MVA T/F & allied civil works at 220 KV S/S Dhanoula.06-03-202411.30 AM06-03-202426-02-2024
161/2023-24Procurement of Earthing sticks sets for 400KV lines and substations28-03-202411.0026-03-202426-02-2024
Enq No. 05/2023-24Quotation for Procurement of various types of Aluminum Alloy termination clamps/Connectors for theAugmentation of twin ACSR Zebra conductor of 02 Nos. 220kV Rajpura 1&2 Bays to Quad ACSR Zebra at 220KV S/S G-1, Mandi Gobindgarh under P&M Division-1, PSTCL, Mandi Gobindgarh
Corrigendum no. -01

Corrigendum No. 02

Corrigendum No.03

Corrigendum No.04
13-03-202411:30 AM13-03-202426-02-2024
CWJ/T-32/2023-24.Const. of All Technical Civil Works at 220 KV S/S Jhoke Harihar.28-03-202411:00 AM27-03-202423-02-2024
CWJ/T-31/2023-24.Allied Civil Works for damaged 160/100 MVA T/F 220/132 or 220/66 KV in the Jurisdiction of Civil Works Sub-Division Jalandhar, with respect to unforeseen emergency conditions.13-03-202411:00 AM12-03-202423-02-2024
CWJ/T-30/2023-24.Allied Civil Works for damaged 160/100 MVA T/F 220/132 or 220/66 KV in the Jurisdiction of Civil Works Sub-Division Sri Muktsar Sahib with respect to unforeseen emergency conditions.13-03-202411:00 AM12-03-202423-02-2024
TE-163/2023-24Supply and Commissioning of one (01) High-End Earth Tester cum Soil Resistivity Measurement Kit for the 400kV Protection Team under the P&M organization in PSTCL28-03-202411:00:AM26-03-202423-02-2024
TE-162/2023-24Supply & Commissioning of Ten (10) nos. 15 kV Insulation Testers (Meggars) for 400/220/132 kV Substation under P&M organization in PSTCL.28-03-202411:00:AM26-03-202423-02-2024
TE-166/2023-24Hiring of One vehicle for 400 kV Protection Hub under Protection & OS Division, PSTCL, Ludhiana.12-03-202411:30:AM12-03-202423-02-2024
CWJ/LT-11/2023-24.Const. of Civil works for 1 No. 66 KV bay at 220 KV S/S Majitha for 66 KV Line from 220 KV S/S Fatehgarh Churian to 220 KV S/S Majitha.05-03-202403:30 PM05-03-202423-02-2024
11/Grid Moga/2023-24Outsource work for 1 No. Addl. 20 MVA 66/11 kV T/F at 220 kV S/S Humbran08-03-202403:30 PM08-03-202423-02-2024
CWJ/LT-10/2023-24.Const. of Civil Works for 1 No. 66 KV Line Bay of M/s SAEL Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at 220 KV S/S Malout (Katorewala).29-02-202403:30 PM29-02-202423-02-2024
Open TE No. 04/P&M/MLK/2023-24Open Tender Notice for Outsource Sweeping & Cleaning work at various 220kV Grid Sub-Station (Malerkotla, Dhuri, Dhanaula, Mehalkalan & Sandaur) under P&M Division, PSTCL, Malerkotla22-03-202411:30AM22-03-202423-02-2024
01/2023-24The Job of cleaning, Sweeping activities in 2 No. sub stations under P&M Division PSTCL Dasuya
The Job of cleaning & Sweeping activities in 2 No. Sub Station under P&M Division PSTCL Dasuya



Corrigendum -03

Corrigendum No-04
11-03-202411:00 AM11-03-202423-02-2024
DK/11/2023-24HIRING OF ONE NUMBER VEHICLE (MAHINDRA GENIO TWIN CABI OR equivalent)model 2023-24 or not older than 5 years
Hiring of One Number Vehicle (Scorpio/Xylo or equivalent) Model 2023-24 or not older than 5 year for the office of Sr. XEN P&M Division Dhandari Kalan.


53/2023-24Construction of Balance civil works for additional 20mva 66/11kv T/F at 220kv s/s Ghulal.01-03-202412:00PM28-02-202423-02-2024
Dispatch no.72 ,Open Tender Enquiry no.01/2023-24Outsourcing of one no. Mahindra Scorpio/ Xylo or equivalent Diesel vehicle Model not more than 5 years old from the date of first registration up to the date of NIT i.e 22.02.2024 for 1 year and extendable, on year to year basis, for further two years, for the O/o Addl. S.E./ Protection division22-03-202411:30AM22-03-202423-02-2024
Tender Enquiry 79/23-24Corrigendum 3 Tender Enquiry 79/23-2429-02-202411:30am29-02-202422-02-2024
ET-103/2023-24Stub strengthening of concrete stubs of various 132/220 kv lines under P&M Division Civil line.06-03-202411:00AM05-03-202421-02-2024
ET-102/2023-24Stub strengthening, repair of rusted offchutes ,raising of muff concrete of various 132/220kv towers under AEE/TL Ludhiana.06-03-202411:00AM05-03-202421-02-2024
TE No.08/P&M Moga/2023-24Refilling, Repair & Paint work of Fire Extinguisher Equipment at various sub-stations under P&M Division, Moga
Corrigendum No-01

Corrigendum No.-02

Corrigendum No-03
06-03-202411:30 AM06-03-202421-02-2024
Short Term Tender Enquiry no 15/TLSC/MOHALI/2023-24Work of Laying of tower foundations, Erection of towers, re-sagging / dismantlement of conductor for realignment of 132 KV Jamalpur Swadi Kalan line passing through BVM, Ludhiana with U/G power cable (Contributory work)07-03-202411:00 A.M.06-03-202421-02-2024
CWJ/LT-09/2023-24Const. of Allied T/F Foundations for Replacement of damaged transformer at 220KV S/S Sarna.05-03-202403:30 PM05-03-202422-02-2024
52/2023-24Replacement of damaged 100/160mva T/F & allied civil works at substation under civil works sub-division, Mohali as emergent case during model code of conduct.29-02-202412:00PM27-02-202420-02-2024
30/TLSC Division/2023-24Quotations for Cutting and selling of different varieties of trees for Diversion of 0.665 ha forest land in favour of PSTCL for laying of Lilo of 220 KV Sarna Wadala Granthian at 220 KV S/S Gurdaspur07-03-202411:00 AM06-03-202420-02-2024
160/2023-24Procurement of 1500 kg. SF-6 Gas in 25 KG Cylinders
corrigendum no 1

corrigendum no 3

corrigendum no 4
29/TLSC/Division/2023-24Quotations for stubbing, erection and Stringing and Sagging of one no. new tower Shifting of bays of Lilo 220 KV Jamsher-Sultanpur line at 220 KV S/S Badshahpur.07-03-202411:00 AM06-03-202419-02-2024
Tender Enquiry No. 10/2023-24Supply and installation of 3 Nos. Water Purifier System of reputed make at 3 Nos. Sub-Stations under P&M Division PSTCL Ferozepur.05-03-202413:0019-02-202419-02-2024
27/TLSC Division/2023-24Quotations for stringing and sagging of conductor 0.2sq” for Conversion of T-off to Lilo of 132 KV Butari-Taran Tarn at 132 KV S/S Ekalgadda on existing DC Towers07-03-202411:00 AM06-03-202419-02-2024
T.E No 95 to 99/23-24Short term Tender Enquiry 95 to 99/23-2429-02-202411:00 am28-02-202419-02-2024
45/2023-24Construction of 1 no. 66kv line bay with its allied civil works for 66kv s/s treatment plant, Jamalpur at 220kv s/s Gaunsgarh.
2/2023-24Quotation for Supply installation& commissioning of water purifier for office of protection division mandigobindgarh29-02-202411.30 AM29-02-202415-02-2024
Tender Enquiry 84,85/2023-24E Tender Enquiry 84,85/23-2405-03-202411:00am04-03-202413-02-2024
ENQ NO- 02/2023-24HIRRING OF ONE NO Scorpio/XYLO (Diesel) or equivalent in price vehicle for the office of Addl.SE,Protection Divn pstcl Amritsar for one year
06-03-202411.30 hrs.06-03-202412-02-2024
CWJ/T-29/2023-24Const. of 2nd Battery Room at 220 KV S/S Tibber.12-03-202411:00 AM11-03-202406-02-2024
T.E No.11/23-24Outsourcing 1 No. Vehicle-Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin or equivalent in price,having Model not older than 5 years from date of NIT, for a period of 1 year for Maintenance Gang staff under Addl.SE/P&M,Division,PSTCL,Mohali .12-03-202411:30 A.M12-03-202406-02-2024
43/2023-24Construction of Civil Works for Double Bus Bar Arrangements at 220 KV S/S Bajakhana29-02-20241.00PM28-02-202406-02-2024
26/TLSC Division/2023-24Preliminary reconnaissance survey and preparation of route plan for 220 KV DC link between 220 KV S/S Butari and 400 KV S/S Wadala Granthian (proposed)01-03-202411:00 AM29-02-202405-02-2024
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