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Posting and Transfer - Non-Gazetted
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description Last Updated on Website
25-04-2017O/o no. 255Posting/transfer of ALM26-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 253Postings/transfers of AAOs26-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 251Posting/transfer of JE S/S (absent from duty)25-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 252Promotion/posting of Supdt. Divnl. (Accounts) to Assistant Accounts Officer (Accounts)25-04-2017
24-04-2017O/o no. 243Posting/transfer of UDC (General)25-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 218Posting/transfer of RTM11-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 210Posting/transfer of JE/Civil07-04-2017
21-03-2017O/o no. 177Posting/transfer of CHD21-03-2017
16-03-2017O/o no. 164Posting/transfer of UDC (Accounts) after leave16-03-2017
01-03-2017O/o no. 135Posting/transfer of UDC (General) after Leave02-03-2017
31-01-2017O/o no. 72Posting/transfer of RTM01-02-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 14Postings/transfers of ALM/SSA04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 13Promotions/postings of SSAs to JEs04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 11Promotions/Postings of JEs to AAEs04-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 05Posting/transfer of UDC (General)03-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 844Posting/transfer of ALM02-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 843Postings/transfers of RTM02-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 842Promotions/postings of DHD to CHD02-01-2017
27-12-2016Office Order 831/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/Posting of Jr.Scale Steno. to Sr.Scale Steno.27-12-2016
27-12-2016Office Order 830/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/Postings of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt.27-12-2016
22-12-2016Office Order 824/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of SSA22-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 817/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of ALM20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 816/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of LDC20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 815/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of UDC (General)20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 814/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of JEs/SSA20-12-2016
08-12-2016Office Order 783/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of UDC(General)08-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 775/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Elect.Gr-II and Lineman06-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 774/Admn./PSTCLPromotion and Posting of LM to JE06-12-2016
22-11-2016Office Order 755/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of SSA22-11-2016
22-11-2016Office Order 754/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/posting of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt.22-11-2016
21-11-2016Office Order 753/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of ALM against SSA21-11-2016
10-11-2016Office Order 741/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/Postings of JE S/S to AAE S/S10-11-2016
10-11-2016Office Order 740/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Sr.Asstt.10-11-2016
09-11-2016Office Order 738/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Driver09-11-2016
08-11-2016Office Order 733/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM08-11-2016
08-11-2016Office Order 732/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM08-11-2016
07-11-2016Office Order 728/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM07-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 714/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM01-11-2016
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